PADMA – A Collection of white petals

It pushed itself through the dirt and the ugliness of the murk. It knew that it was born from a seed, but it declared of itself that it was no weed. It should not flower thoughts did loom, but it still pushed itself through a bloom. As though tempting to disapprove and cunning, it become something quite marvelous and stunning

You bloom like the shinning sun amidst the waters of impure mud spreading beauty and hope for all blossoming from that little bud. You are manifestation of purity, you symbolize God. You represent will-power, you are the floral lord

C O L L E C T I O N  O F  W H I T E  P E T A L S


Srivasa ( श्रीवास )
Niraja ( नीरज )
Hima ( हिम )
Kamala ( कमल )

Poem Courtesy: Randy McClave and Daivik GhoshPathak

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