From the resplendent folds of the regal Banarasi silk sarees to the vibrant hues of the Kanjeevarams, the drapes of India have woven tales of beauty for centuries. Let’s celebrate the rich heritage and artistic finesse that make these drapes a true embodiment of timeless elegance.

Step into the magical world of the six yards with the ethereal charm of the evergreen saree! The intricate handwoven patterns and embellishments showcase the impeccable craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. It’s not just a garment; it’s an artistic masterpiece that celebrates femininity and grace.

A collection inspired by the drapes of India.


Modern Designer Saree
Gola - INR 32500
Jharoka - INR 32500
Black Gola Silk Saree
Gola- INR 32500
Reva - INR 42500
Yamini - INR 52500
Itta - INR 32500
Black Banarasi Saree
Taranee- INR 52500
Ela - INR 52500
Black and silver jaal katan silk
Dhara - INR 52500
Itta - INR 32500
Gola - INR 32500
Gola - INR 32500
Purple JAngla Katan Banaras Saree
Urmee - INR 52000
Anuja - INR 42500
Blue Laheriya Katan Silk Saree
Sagarika- INR 52500
Black Stripped Katan Silk Saree
Lila - INR 42500
Dark Maroon Katan Banarasi Saree
Sagarika - INR 52500
Gola - INR 32500
Lemon Yellow Silk Saree
Itta - INR 33500
sunflower yellow silk saree
Itta- INR 33500
Turmeric Yellow Katan Banarasi Saree
Udaysri - INR 52500
Khargosh Butta Katan Banarasi Saree
Kharghosh Butta - INR 57500
Turmeric Yellow Katan Silk Saree
Yellow Banarasi Saree
Anala- INR 52500
Ivory Gold Silk Saree
Itta - INR 33500
mustard yellow bootidaar banarasi saree
Ivory gold katan silk saree
Golden beige Katan Silk Saree
Madhukosh - INR 32500
Ivory white katan silk saree
Chandreeka - INR 52500
Ivory silk saree
Itta - INR 33500
Sea Green Silk Saree
Itta - INR 33500
Light Pista Silk Saree
Itta - INR 33500
Gola- INR 32500
Contemporary Silk Saree
Gola - INR 32500
Baby Pink Katan Silk Saree
Kamlesh - 52500
Enakshi - INR 32500
Dhara - INR 52500
Tangy Orange Silk Saree
Itta - INR 33500
Lohita - INR 51500
Red Katan Banarasi Saree
Dhara - 52500
Stripped Pattern Kanan Silk Saree
Amodini - INR 42500
Rani Pink Jaal Banarasi Saree
Dhara - INR 52500
Urvee - INR 52500
rani gold silk saree
Itta - INR 33500
Powder Blue Silk Saree
Dhara- INR 52500
Madhukosh - INR 32500
Blue Jharoka Saree
Madhukosh - INR 32500
Madhukosh - INR 32500


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