We constantly build capacity of our weavers with the evolving handloom weaving techniques and modern design concepts


Every time you wear a dharki product you’ll experience a high quality of fabric and rich craftsmanship. As we believe each product should receive its due attention to stand apart in terms of utmost comfort and sheer elegance   



Unmatched Quality– At Dharki-Banaras we curate products from the master artisans across India. Greater emphasis is given right from conceptualizing of each saree to weaving every piece is given utmost attention in detailing and finishing to make it a unique one.


Fair Price – Our philosophy is to uplift the much neglected artisans and hence our prices are reasonable as it does not involve any middle man. As we own more than 100+ looms and work with another 400+ looms, we are able to give you the best possible price.

Buyer Protection- We always ensure that our patrons and completely satisfied before making a purchase decision. Pre-sales queries are entertained with patience and urgency. We always try to work out helping our customers to find the right product at the right price.

Intuitive Service- We believe human connection matters. Although, we operate online but our customers are always provided with the personalized services during pre and post sales. There is no denial about the fact that we will only exit if you are happy.

Curated Experience We carefully choose our products which accentuate your sense of styling. We believe the product you buy should speak about your personality and inspirations. Our product are not just mere objects but they are story teller.

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